Is it safe?

It is totally safe as hypnosis is a natural state and if you lose connection or have a power cut or you are needed in an emergency, after not hearing my voice for a short while you will naturally return to natural wakening state.

WARNING: Do NOT watch or listen to any of our live videos or recordings whilst driving or operating machinery.

Also people who should not be induced into a state of hypnosis includes those who are deemed to be psychotically ill. Treatment of such an illnesses is highly specialised and beyond the scope of our recordings. Epilepsy is another condition that is deemed unsuitable for a group session, a hypnotherapist could actually work with twenty epilepsy sufferers and nothing would happen, but the twenty-first might be triggered into a convulsion, because some epileptic conditions may be triggered by a change in brain activity, so a face to face, one to one session with an experienced therapist is probably the best option for anyone living with epilepsy.

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Who Shouldn't Be Hypnotised...

By subscribing and participating in our video sessions you agree to be bound by our Terms, and our Privacy Policy. Each session will start with an introduction for new members and once you're comfortable we'll start with the hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not suitable for individuals suffering from dementia or psychotic disorders, very young children, drug addicts or anyone clearly under the influence of alcohol or anything that can impare your ability to focus.

We have worked with individuals that fall into these and many other categories. However, this is best conducted on a one to one basis.

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